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A biometric identification and authentication service provider.


What is Fingopay?

Our vision is to make payments safe, simple and reliable. We put complete control of your security in your hands.

  • Sthaler has created the first match-on-cloud biometric platform, which creates exceptionally secure identity driven products, services and global payments solutions.

  • Our products will rival conventional payment and security mechanisms, becoming the fastest and safest identity and payments platform.

  • “Fingopay was developed by Sthaler in 2015 and has successfully completed trials with Visa and Worldpay.

Biometric VeinID™

The identifier you didn’t know you had.

  • Did you know hidden within your finger we all have a unique, secret pattern that remains the same throughout our life? Unlike fingerprints, it can’t be damaged, stolen or forged.

  • It’s simple to scan the vein pattern, with a pulse of near-infrared light which is then converted into our personal digital key.

  • “Sthaler has created what is a brand new way to pay” Visa

What Sthaler Does

Sthaler is focussed on producing products and services that improve customer experience whilst providing value adding identity services to meet our client’s needs.

Live at Proud

Sthaler’s first product, Fingopay, is live at our pilot venue Proud Camden. Fingopay allows individuals to identify themselves, pay for drinks and food, access an event by using only their finger. This removes the costs of manufacturing, distributing and managing plastic cards.

No more PINs, passwords, cash, loyalty or bank cards

Fingopay provides retail, hospitality and entertainment businesses with the smartest, most effective way to initiate, personalise and extend customer relationships. For the first time retailers can instantly identify return users, take a payment, automatically apply loyalty rewards and issue the customer with a digital receipt in one transaction; without the need for customers to carry anything.


No more PINs, passwords, cash or bank cards - Allow consumers to pay for goods and services, gain entry and manage payments online using just a finger.


Builds a 3D map of veins within a finger - create a natural, personal key. Each finger is unique to each of us - the chance that two people have the same vein structure is 3.4 billion-to-1.


Conforms to Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards - There is no higher mathematical certainty of proving someone’s identity, so it’s the most secure and convenient way to protect yourself and your data.

Our Story

Sthaler was first created to solve the issue of transactions within the music festival industry, but it applies to anywhere else. Our goal was to find a fresh way to pay with no hassle like cash, reduced the chance of theft, replaced plastic, pre-loaded wrist bands or required a (charged-up) £500+ smartphone. So we started to explore…We discovered a natural and fresh way. Welcome to Vein ID – a natural biometric – it turns out to be the most secure way to prove your identity and is easy for people to use.  Now it’s possible to spend money with your finger. No plastic. No cash. No phone.  You can pay with just … you.

Strategic Partners

The world is ready for a new era: “Pins and Passwords are coming to the end of their life in protecting customers against fraud.”

Our Team

Press, Radio & TV

Thanks to our unique vein ID technology and Fingopay, we’ve gathered a lot of attention in the fintech community in the past few years. See what industry specialists are saying about us and the future of secure biometric payments.

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