Safer – Vein ID is impossible to replicate, unique to all of us, traceless and not susceptible to any form of identity theft, giving constant fraud protection.

Simpler – The ultimate wearable. Our fingers are always with us providing natural security to prove who we are and make payments. Easy for everyone.

Our vision

Our vision is to make payments safe, simple and reliable. We put complete control of your security in your hands.


We’ve built the most fraud-proof system yet to help retailers transact securely.


Customers can prove their identity beyond doubt reducing the risk profile and as a result, lowering the costs of taking card payments.

Welcome to Sthaler

Fingopay replaces the need for PINs and passwords and remove the need to carry cash or bank cards.

They allow consumers to pay for goods and services, to gain entry to events and to manage payments online using just a finger.

The Fingopay reader builds a 3D map of veins within a finger, creating a natural personal key. Each finger is unique to each of us. The chance that two people have the same vein structure is 3.4 billion-to-1. Fingopay has better recognition technology than iris recognition and is much more socially active.

There is no higher mathematical certainty of proving someone’s identity so it’s the most secure and convenient way to protect yourself and your  data: passwords, bank and card data, tickets to events, boarding passes.

Fingopay conforms to Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards and doesn’t store an individual’s biometric either…

Strategic Partners


Sthaler was created in 2012, born out of the need for AEG to engage festival-goers with a revolutionary cashless payment system offered by MasterCard.

Our solution gathered rich consumer data for the festival owners, provided financial visibility, revenue protection and security.

The PayPass touch pay NFC (near field communication) test was a success.

Fingopay White Paper

About Sthaler

Music fans could pay for food and drink with a simple flick of their wrist. The idea was good, but for the perfectionists at Sthaler, the solution was not good enough. We wanted it to be flawless and fraud-proof…and to work any time, any place, anywhere. So we began working on a new system that fixed these real-world problems.

In 2012 Sthaler’s team delivered FINGOPAY the worlds first ACHP CNP (Authenticated Card Holder Present, Card Not Present) payments and point of sale system at Festival No. 6 in Portmeirion, North Wales. This system addressed the information, payments security and flexibility required by merchants and consumers.

For the first time this allowed festival events to become securely “open-loop” and enable customers to spend directly on credit and debit cards, securing all payments with their unique biometric: the veins in their finger.

In 2013 Sthaler’s team expanded the system to include ticketing and access control systems, removing the need for physical tickets and allowing event organisers to identify audience members beyond doubt. For the consumer it meant never losing their ticket for the event.

The Sthaler team is now working with Europe’s biggest financial services companies to deliver larger scale solutions  across the UK for  high street retailers. Bringing our safe and secure payment system to  music venues, transport operators, university campuses and supermarkets.

Fast, easy and secure payments are available to you, just using your finger, thanks to FingoPay, the revolutionary new system designed and built by British tech innovators Sthaler. 

Already used by banks in Japan to secure 80,000 ATMs and by Barclays Bank in the UK for its commercial clients, finger vein technology is the identity guarantee of the future.

A partnership between Hitachi of Japan and Sthaler, Fingopay extends the technology to turn your finger into an ATM. Launching in the UK to British consumers first, during 2015/16 with partners, WorldPay and Hitachi.

Fingopay identifies you beyond any doubt in order to process your transactions securely within seconds. In the future, you’ll be able to access events and update your personal records with no risk of fraud.

Use Fingopay at home to eliminate having to use username and passwords. There is no better way of protecting your online identity than using a key which is natural and unique to you.

Your fingers are really difficult to lose, they can’t be stolen and used as you have to a live finger attached to your body and the system is built with so many safety features, it’s nigh on impossible to break. Please get in touch with any questions by emailing

Total peace of mind: all personal data belongs to you, it’s held by your own bank, we don’t hold it.

Travel safely with no more worries about losing your purse or wallet, bulking out that new designer dress or jacket with a wallet, you can make all your payments just by scanning your finger.  And you will know that you are using the most secure payments system available today. 

The Fingopay system benefits the shopkeeper too, overall transactions cost them less because they’re 100% assured of your identity and overheads linked to fraud can be eliminated,  discounts and  fabulous loyalty offerings should come your way too. This will help your favourite shops to give you better more personalised service.

Of course your data is kept safe behind military grade security, its your choice whether you share your personal data or not with the shopkeepers you regularly use. If the rewards are there you may want to enjoy the benefits which could be discounts, free stuff or air miles.

All you need is your finger, what’s next is up to you!

The Team

Nicholas Dryden


Nick has worked at the forefront of new multimedia and transmedia technologies for the past twenty years.

He has recently expanded his professional portfolio from music industry technologies by creating social platforms for group fans and permission-based predictive marketing strategies into federated platforms capable of much greater business intelligence for retail clients with integrated payments tech to engage and commercialise ‘connected’ audiences.

In 2012 he formed the company Sthaler, the original name for the US Dollar and the $ symbol, to work with Hitachi to build, test and deliver a pay-by-finger system which solved all the problems and vulnerabilities that existed in the current payments system.

In his spare time he coaches rugby, is a qualified referee with the Welsh RFU and sails with his wife and kids in Anglesey. Nick is a Board level marketer with proven commercial, management and interpersonal skills within dynamic global businesses.

Simon Binns

Commercial Director

A Board level marketer with proven Commercial, Management and Interpersonal Skills within dynamic global businesses.

He has been a director of strategic communications businesses and has held senior positions at BBH and Ogilvy/ WPP amongst others.

Simon has managed diverse teams in multiple locations to achieve award-winning results. He has consistently improved revenue and profitability through high standards of delivery and strong business partner relationships.

He brings both commercial acumen and a consumer perspective to the challenge of launching the Fingopay Brand and growing the Sthaler business around the world.

Outside of work, Simon is busy playing as much sport as he can fit in, spending time with his family and following Manchester City.

Quentin Solt


Quentin is an experienced corporate finance and commercial lawyer.

He retired from Berwin Leighton Paisner in 2002 (where he was the senior partner responsible for the Corporate Finance Technology Team) and operated his own law firm until 2012 when he transferred his firm to Burlingtons Legal LLP in Mayfair. Quentin continues to provide legal advice as a consultant to Burlingtons and also gives commercial advice to growth businesses.

Quentin was co-founder and director of Eurovestech PLC, a pan-European technology investment fund, which was listed on AIM for a dozen years. He has also served on the boards of several other technology and related business companies, including one Silicon valley company which he advised on obtaining an AIM listing and then successfully transferring the listing to NASDAQ (at which stage he left the board). Quentin also works with the business growth team at Cranfield University.

Michael Norton

Non Exec Director

Michael joined the Sthaler board in October 2013, bringing with him a wealth of experience and outstanding track record in the payments industry, with a particular focus on strategic vision and growth.

For the past 4 years Michael has been the Managing Director of, a subsidiary of FTSE 250 Company PayPoint. Prior to this, Michael was CEO at EPOSS, a start-up electronic product delivery and payment solutions company. Having sold this to First Data Corporation, Michael then founded Ukash, which is a global e-commerce cash payment network with clients such as Ladbrokes, and Skype and operating in 27 countries.

Having funded the investment and also served as CEO of Ukash, Michael then left to join PayPoint as International Director, initially leading the development of PayPoint’s first international business in Romania. Michael also sits on the a board at Fawry, an Egyptian electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP) network that enables the Egyptian public to conveniently and securely pay their bills and recharge mobile phones or other services like your CashU account.

Michael’s rich experience in creating and building companies delivering financial technology for payments, uniquely qualifies him to ensure Sthaler maintains the right strategy to transition from a revolutionary technology company to a profitable corporation.

What we do

Festivals, Music and Sports Events, Conferences | Security with Convenience


The Sthaler team initially developed Fingopay payments and the Fi-D identity and access system whilst working with major promoters of global music concerts and festivals. The challenge for promoters is to introduce a secure, convenient, cashless payment and access system that opens the loop and allows cash transactions from sources outside of the event, for example live card transactions.

The cost of handling cash for live promoters can be as high as 12%. The infrastructure lacks transparency and accountability and cash still accounts for 95% of all transactions. At large events, card and mobile payment infrastructure faces its own PCI restrictions and challenges which leaves consumers needing to obtain and carry cash making them vulnerable to loss or theft.

Fingopay and Fi-D also produce usable data that improves the promoter’s visibility of onsite spending activity while most importantly, also improves the experience for  fans and for merchants selling food and beverages.

Live entertainment and live sports sectors are increasing efforts both to protect fans by finding ways of being more transparent with the distribution of tickets and also looking for vending efficiency in order to reduce the volume of cash used.

Fingopay and Fi-D are inexpensive to manage and they give customers secure access to their cash through debit, credit cards and other accounts they register for example PayPal. The absolute assurance of a customer’s identity means Fingopay is the most secure payment type available and so carries the lowest interchange rate. Fi-D enables authorised ticket migration, meaning a simple transfer of ticket from one assured individual to another enabling the event owner to comply with the law knowing exactly who is at the event.

High Frequency Retail | High Street, hospitality & restaurants


Fingopay and Fi-D have been designed to bring speed and accuracy and a sensible, secure, easy way to go shopping, out for dinner or to a club.

Transactions take fewer than 5 seconds including loyalty.

Each transaction can involve the customers mobile or wearable device for additional security.

All transactions are digitally receipted to customers’ Fingopay account and email.

Whether a customer is at an event, on the high street, on the beach, by the pool or at the bar all they need to carry is their fingers and every transaction is secured by their unique natural identity that is impossible to replicate.

Securing & Syncing Your World | Vein ID instead of username & password


Reasons why Fi-D will replace your passwords:

Your vein map cannot be acquired by fraudsters, and unlike finger print, Vein ID is an internal biometric with a higher certainty of your identity than iris recognition technology.

We do not store your vein map. We store a unique representation that can never be used again. If someone did access our server, acquire an anonymous vein representation and use it, it would be rejected. Each time you use Vein ID, live medical data initiates a unique set of sequences.

You can’t lose it and you can’t give it away.

You can enrol different fingers to different aspects of your digital life – your online accounts, your smartphone or your event programme


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